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The legend of Ammolite goes back to the Blackfoot tribe of North America. Ammolite was discovered by the native Indians and used by them for years to ward off evil spirits.

It is believed by some Feng Shui masters that ammolite absorbed cosmic energy from the universe and, through the stone, it gives the owner health, wealth, and enlightenment. Considered a high energy stone it is said to enhance the harmony, vitality, and overall well-being of visitors and occupants of a home. Ammonite with layers of ammolite is thought to enhance the flow of Qi (life energy), to radiate strength, and to alter negative energy to positive energy. It is said that even for those that do not believe in Feng Shui, the presence of ammolite is considered beneficial.

Students of Feng Shui believe that ammolite absorbed the knowledge of the universe and that benefits are gained by anyone near it. The colors of ammolite represent the harmonious balance of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

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