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23. Dhanishta (The Drummer)

Nakshatra Lord : Mars:
Symbol : a musical drum
Deity : the Vasus (8 deities associated with wealth and beneficial qualities)
Nature : Courageous, strong, issue with anger, curious mind, research oriented, athletic, hard working, philosophical nature and irrational at time.
Rulership : men without pride, eunuchs, fast friends, men who are hated by women, charitable persons, the very wealthy, peaceful (self controlled) persons.
Moon in Dhanishta : the person is charitable, wealthy, heroic, fond of song, and desirous to make money.

Attributes : Spread from 23'20" in Makar up to 6'40" in Kumbha. Because Vasu is the deity of this star - it is the giver of wealth, precious stone, valuable articles, gold, opulence etc. Asthavasu derives from Ganga. The virtues of these gods are associated with this star. Persons born under this star are hostile to women, because they lack adequate sexual power. If Shani is the lord of the 7th house and also in this star - any other Graha in the 7th house and associated with this star will also do - the native will be sexually weak. It has to be noted that Shani himself is an eunuch. The native of the Star seldom marries or marriage is difficult for him; if married conjugal relation is seldom happy.Anthropomorphically this is the back of Kalapurush.

Famous people : John McEnroe, John Grisham, Burt Reynolds, Ronald Reagan, Mia Farrow, Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Adler.

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