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Physical Properties

Color white, yellow, gray, brown or black
Hardness 3.5-4
Specific Gravity 2.85-2.95
Refractive index 1.50 1.68

Overview:  The mineral was named by De Saussure in 1792 for French engineer, D. Dolomieu, who described the occurrence of Dolomite rock in 1791. Dolomite is a major ore from which magnesium is separated. Sometimes it is called the "herb" of rocks.

Healing Power:  Dolomite helps to release insomnia, nightmares, irregular sleep patterns. Encourages original thinking. It is a particularly good stone for relieving sorrow, and soothing hurt, loneliness and anxiety. Used to help people who lack resourcefulness and who have an acute fear of personal failure. Excels in healing emotional and physical.htmlects of heart/lungs. Also used in as an aggregate for cement and as a flux in blast furnaces.

Legend:  This sedimentary carbonate, dating to the Cambrian period, was formed in ancient coral and algal reefs.

Occurence:  Dolomite occurs in the USA, Ontario in Canada, Pamplona in Spain, Switzerland and in Mexico.

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