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Number Eight - 8


Shani Grah              Shani Yantra                BlueSapphire

These are the people who are born on the dates 08/17/26 of any month. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of these number is the planet Saturn and in hindi it is known as Shani Grah. Shani Grah is counted among the most malefic planet of these universe. According to the Hindu Mythology Lord Shani is known as the son of Surya. Planet Venus, Rahu, Ketu & Mars are the good friends of Planet Shani. Actually the color of Lord Shani is Black but it has borrowed color from Planet Venus which is blue. The above mentioned planets are all malefic planets of these hemisphere. In most of the cases planet Moon is also considered in good vibrations of Planet Shani & can also be counted among the malefic planet, for all these planets are from the darker side. Planet Saturn or Lord Shani is the most powerful planet in this hemisphere. It has a larger effects on human beings life than any other planet. You can see the picture of Lord Shani on your left side of the screen. The Yantra of Lord Shani is also been shown on the right side of your screen. The best & the important of Lord Shani is that he himself is the deity of his planet, which is not found in any other planets.

Nature:These are the people who are very short tempered people. They have a soft heart. But these people are always misunderstood by the society. These are the people who get attracted towards negativity very soon. These people are always among extremist, they fail to take a neutral position. In many cases it has been noticed that they have to move from places to places either for studies or for any jobs. They are never stagnant in their life. Eight number people face lots of obstacle in molding their career. They spent most of their life with their friends than family. They have a wonderful helping nature. If they love someone they like to give everything what they have with them to make that person happy, in many cases these people crosses their limits in satisfying the person whom they love or trust. As mentioned these people are extremist they keep over fate and trust on their loved once where at the end they land up on getting deceived by them. Thus these people are in hunger of a partner who can understand them and support them forever in their entire life, no matter at what cost it may be. Thus these people have the problem of over trusting or keeping over fate on people. These people are the most independent human being on these earth, they rarely like to seek help or support from anyone. But life being lonely for them they only seek mental support from the world. They are spend thrift by nature. Their second half of the life is spend in clearing depths. They do not have value for money. In many cases it has been noticed that they fall prey to heart breaks in love affairs, its very rare that their affairs end up in happy marriages. These people also face physical problems, when the stars are not in good vibrations, due to which they have to sacrifice their love or need to compromise in their marriages. Facing various and tremendous problems these people becomes stubborn by nature and their attitudes towards life becomes more practical and limited. They have great problems regarding married life also, even though if they have a good and harmonious married life than they have to face problems related to child births or any other serious problems. These people like to live night life more. Having tremendous pressures on them they quickly get attracted towards negativity, like getting addicted to smoking, drinking or even drug addict. They are not good in decision making due which they always end up in problems created by themselves. They have a very sharp & destructive brain. If they get a proper support through fate these people can make a great miracles on these earth. I consider them as the most luckiest people of these earth. If they understand properly what they have to do to attract fate towards them. For they have a very tremendous brain and memory power and which can bring great changes in the society.

Favorable Colors:Black, Dark Blue, Grey & purple are good colors for number eight people. They should dress themselves in these colors & have these colors around them. Black Handkerchief always brings them refreshing vibrations.

Precious Stone:Blue sapphire, substitute for blue sapphire, amethyst, black pearl & lapis lazuli are good for stones for number eight people.

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