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Physical Properties

Color sea-green, blue.
Hardness 7
Specific Gravity 3.07
Refractive index 1.65-1.670

Overview:  Named after the Greek word "euklas", in French "euclase", meaning "to break". The crystals of euclase are commonly prismatic with slanted termination faces. Unlike other monoclinic minerals whose crystals will commonly look like higher symmetry crystals, euclase's crystals are distinctly monoclinic due to the slanted termination. Euclase is a real treasure in well formed crystals and in colorful gemstones. It is a silicate of aluminium and beryllium .The crystals of Euclase are generally prismatic with slanted terminating faces.

Healing Power:  Facilitates benevolence, selflessness, generosity and altruism. It is also a wonderful crystal for improving communication skills.It connects one to the source of joy within one's self. Clear gemstones of Euclase can be cut and set in jewellery, it is better known as a collectors item. Euclase helps one reach for goals and attain the ultimate in any area.

Occurence:  Euclase occurs in Minas Novas, Minas Geraes, Brazil, and has also been found in the Ural areas of Russia.

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