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Number Five - 5


Budh Grah              Budh Yantra                         Pachu

These are the people who are born on the dates 05/14/23 of any month. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is the planet Mercury its also known as the Grah Budh in Hindi Mythology. These planet is closest to the Sun so these planet comes in the brighter side among the planets. The characteristics of the Budh Garh is like liquid mercury which is very perfect when its inside a tube but when its left open outside the tube its unstable and fluctuating. The picture of the Budh Grah is on the left hand side of your screen. The deity of the planet Budh is Goddess Lakshmi, which is shown on your right side of your screen. The Yantra of the Budh Grah is shown on the left hand side.

Nature:The nature of this people is gentle & they are always soft-spoken people. They believe in themselves & like to get involved in each and every activity of their life. They are the most perfect human beings on this earth. But their mind is always instable. They take lot of time to make decisions in their life. They are very career oriented people. In many cases it has been seen that they are very good in executive level or corporate level, but they are not good for business purpose. They have a very soft heart & they are filled with emotions, this is mainly seen in ladies than men. These people are mainly linked with numbers or commerce at their work place.
In many a cases it has been found that they have an extra marital affair or second marriage or either they are not satisfied with their married life. So they get attracted towards outer fascinating world & sometimes they become little bit selfish in their mature life. Most of the people take them in wrong sense for they have a habit of over exaggerating things. In some cases they are good leaders & when they write they write a very good speech. They are good in convincing matters. In many cases they are good financial planners. They have a sharp brain, which really helps them in playing politics with their colleagues & with their belongings. They have a very pleasing personality through which no one can make out their nature. They dont have true friends in their life. These are the people who put trust on anyone very soon, but due to that attitude people take undue advantage of their nature & make use of them for selfish purpose. Even knowing this truth still these five number people never end up doing
this kind of mistake in their life. Its very important for number five people to be busy in their life or the probe's proves right over here that Empty minds devils house, so its very important to be busy with some projects which will keep them engaged through out the seasons. These are the people who have very less managerial skills, in many cases it has been noticed that they are not good in handling people. Even though they are not spendthrift by nature but money never stays with them. They try to prove very good father or mother in their life. Number five people are also found as very good sport personnel. If they do not understand their life properly they are always away from good luck in their life. These people have the complaint of luck not favoring their whole life but actually these people are the luckiest people on this whole earth if they really understand & accept their part of nature, which favors them to be successful in their life regarding career, finance & marriage.

Favorable Colors:All shades green shades, turquoise, light shades of brown, smoky grey, and white.

Precious Stone:An emerald of three carats, set in a ring with open back, should be worn on the little finger. The emerald, or its substitute stone, should be bought on Wednesday & given to the jewelers on the same day. It should be picked up from the jeweler on a Wednesday & worn after the proper rituals have been performed.

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