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Number Four - 4


Rahu Grah                 Rahu Yantra         Hessonite/Gomet

These are the people who are born under on the dates 04/13/22/31 of any month. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is the planet, which is not in the existence; its just an imaginary axis around the Moon. In English this planet is known as the Dragons Head & in Hindi or in the Hindu Mythology its very well known as The planet or the Graha Ketu, on the left hand side you will see the picture of the Graha Ketu. If you understand this picture & study minutely you will very well understand the characteristics of the people who have Planet Ketu as their ruling planet. The Deity of the Planet Ketu is the Lord Ganesha. You will see the picture of the Lord Ganesha on the right hand of the screen. The Yantra for the Planet Ketu is shown on the left hand side of the screen.

Nature:The nature of these people is very bold & straightforward. They have a practical attitude towards life. They are the most truthful people on this earth, where people can really trust them. They like to behave within their ethics of life; they are the people who will never work beyond or cross their ethics.
They have tremendous sharp brain but fortune does not support them whole-heartedly. In many cases it has been noticed that they are misunderstood in the society & that is one of the reason they rarely get support of the community in which they stay. These are the people who work generously & dedicate their complete life to their work. These people are not for business tactics. These people are to trusted but they rarely trust people. If they trust someone on this earth they have a blind fate on that person. In many cases it has been found they are also materialistic by nature. There is also little bit selfishness in them that really puts them down in judging their character. They are also helpful by nature but they have a very unique characteristic regarding their helping nature, they make that person actually realizes the help or favor done on them. These are the people who will always keep their venture or projects incomplete at their first stance. It has been noticed in many case there are some problems regarding their early educations or career problems & many a times late marriages. They have lots of aims in their mind but they fail to have the implementing sources to carry forward their aims. They have a problem regarding losing time. They try to be punctual in their daily & career oriented activities but fate really cut downs their pace of life due to which their attitude towards life becomes very practical & limited and harsh in taking decisions. In their family father is always a morel support for them. They are hot tempered people. Number four people are the people who have seen life very closely. In many cases it has noticed that money does not stay for a longer period with them. If they take a proper guidance regarding understanding their fortune & opt for a proper remedies than they are the best and the most powerful people on this earth.

Favorable Colors:Blue, Grey, Khaki & all shinning colors are good for number four people. If they keep these colors around, they draw good energy from them.

Precious Stone:Hessonite or commonly known in Hindi Gomet is the stone of number four people. It should be used in a ring or as a pendant, set in mixture of five metals.

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