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Guru bhukti

  • if Guru is in his exaltation, in his own Rashi, 

  • or is associated with Lagna's, Dharma's, or Karma's Lord 

  • in a Kendra, or Trikona.

Effects, like 

  • increase in wealth and grains, 

  • beneficence of the king, 

  • enthusiasm, 

  • gain of conveyances etc., 

  • celebration, like birth of a son at home, 

  • performance of pious deeds, 

  • Yagyas, 

  • conquest of the enemy 

  • and enjoyments, 

will be derived in the Antara Dasha of Guru in the Dasha of Ketu, 

  • if Guru is in his debilitation Rashi, 

  • or in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya. 

  • Danger from thieves, 

  • snakes and wounds, 

  • destruction of wealth, 

  • separation from wife and children, 

  • physical distress etc. 

will be the results, 


Timing of events (for Guru in poor condition)

  • Though some good effects may be felt 

at the commencement of the Antara Dasha, 

  • there will be only adverse results later.

  • if Guru is associated with a benefic in a Kendra, Trikona, 

  • in the 3rd, or 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

There will be 

  • gains of many varieties of garments, ornaments by the beneficence of the king, 

  • foreign journeys, 

  • taking care of kinsmen, 

  • availability of decent food, 

  • if Guru is Dhana's, or Yuvati's Lord. 

  • Fear of premature death will be caused,

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