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Guru bhukti

  • if Guru is in his exaltation Rashi,

  •  in his own Rashi,

  •  in a Kendra, or Trikona.

Effects, like 

  • sovereignty over many kings,

  •  very well endowed with riches, 

  • revered by the king, 

  • gains of cattle, 

  • clothes, ornaments, conveyances, 

  • construction of a new house and a decent mansion, 

  • opulence and glory, 

  • dawn of fortune, 

  • success in ventures, 

  • meetings with Brahmins and the king, 

  • extraordinary profits from the employer 

  • and happiness to wife & children, 

will be experienced in the Antara Dasha of Guru in his own Dasha, 

  • if Guru is in his debilitation Rashi, 

  • in his debilitated Navamsha, 

  • or in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya.

  • Association with the menials, 

  • great distress, 

  • slander by coparceners, 

  • wrath of the employer, 

  • danger of premature death, 

  • separation from wife & children 

  • and loss of wealth & grains 

will be the results, 

  • if Guru is the Lord of Yuvati (or of Dhana). 

There will be 

  • pains in the body,

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