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Physical Properties

Color blue, purple, pink and green.
Hardness 2
Specific Gravity 2.17
Refractive index 1.54

Overview:  The name is derived from the Greek halos, meaning "salt" and lithos meaning "rock." Halite is a mineral composed of rock salt .The halite occurs usually as simple cubes, often stacked in large complex groups.

Healing Power:  Halite is good to release negative thought forms and energy from the emotional body. Used in human and animal diet, food seasoning and food preservation. Single crystals used for spectroscopy, ultraviolet and infrared transmission. Protects from negative entities, psychic attacks, possessions. Physically, halite is used to aid assimilation of the proper amount of iodine.

Legend:  Halite is found in ancient bedrock all over the world where large extinct salt lakes and seas have evaporated millions of years ago.

Occurence:  Salt Lake City, Utah and Searles Lake California in the U.S.,Germany, and Mulhouse, France.

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