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Physical Properties

Color blue, green, white, brown and yellow.
Hardness 4.5-5
Specific Gravity 3.4-3.5
Refractive index 1.614-1.636

Overview:  Hemimorphite is one of the more common sorosilicates. Hememorphite gets the name from its polar or hemimorphic crystals. The "hemi" means half while the "morph" means shape and thus hemimorphite is aptly named. Hemimorphite is available in two different forms- one form produces very glassy, clear or white, thin, bladed crystals, often well formed showing many crystal faces. The other form produces a blue to blue-green botryoidal crust that resembles smithsonite or prehnite.

Healing Power:  A powerful healing stone, which allows us to tap into ancient healing techniques via meditation, Hemimorphite brings good fortune and good luck. Fosters enthusiasm, optimism, high energy and the ability to stay excited about a project right through the end. Hemimorphite is a stone that brings joy and creativity to one's life.

Legend:  Hemimorphite is a name relatively new in mineralogy. Familiarity with this zinc silicate goes back to ancient history. Previous names included calamine, galmei, and zinc silicate.Because of similarities in color and habit, hemimorphite was often confused with smithsonite.

Occurence:  Important occurrences of hemimorphite include: Franklin and Sterling Hill New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana, Arizona, U.S.A; Congo; Nerchinak in Transbaikalia, Siberia; Zambia; Santa Eulalia and Mapimi, Mexico; England; Wenshan, Yunnan Province, China.

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