Astha Astrology

Guru Mahadasha

  • If Guru is in his exaltation, 

  • his own Rashi, 

  • his Mulatrikona,

  •  in Karma, Putra, or Dharma Bhava, 

  • in his own Navamsha, or in his exalted Navamsha, 

  there will be during his Dasha: 

  • acquisition of kingdom, 

  • great felicity, 

  • recognition by Government, 

  • acquisition of conveyances & clothes,

  • devotion to deities & Brahmins, 

  • happiness in respect of his wife & children

  • and success in the performance of religious sacrifices (oblations).

  • If Guru is in his debilitation Rashi, 

  • combust, 

  • associated with malefics, 

  • or in Ari, or Randhra, 

  there will be during his Dasha

  •  loss of residential premises, 

  • anxiety, 

  • distress to children,

  •  loss of cattle 

  • and pilgrimage. 

Timing of Events

The Dasha will give 

  • some unfavourable effects at its commencement only. 

  • During the later part of the Dasha there will be good effects, like gain of wealth, awards from and recognition by Government.

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