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Physical Properties

Color brown, green, yellow, pink
Hardness 6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity 3.28-3.35
Refractive index 1.665 -1.683

Overview:  First found in Fiskernaes, Greenland, Kornerupine was named after the Danish Geologist and explorer of Greenland, A. N. Kornerup. Kornerupine is a rare mineral occasionally used as a gemstone. The stone is strongly pleochroic with dark reddish brown and yellow green.The colors change from a yellowish-green to a brownish-red as the crystal or gemstone is turned with respect to the viewer.

Healing Power:  Enhances teaching ability, eloquence, communication and clarity. It is suitable to make jewelry from this stone because of its hardness and is gaining popularity in the gemstone market. Used to stabilize and calm the emotions. Enhances teaching ability, eloquence, communication and clarity. Regenerates energy in the body. It assists one in seeing beyond the normal illusions of this world.

Legend:  This is an unusual gemstone that is rather rare. Iit is rather unusual to find in jewelry

Occurence:  Ratnapura - Sri Lanka, Betroka - Madagascar, Harts Range - Australia, Kenya and Greenland.

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