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3. Krittika (The Pleiades)

Nakshatra Lord : Surya(Sun)
Symbol : sharp, razor like instrument.
Deity : Agni (Fire god)
Nature : Spiritual warrior, disciplined, leadership, power over the masses, issues with authority, solitude, gifts in music, dance and drama, angry temperament, destructive.
Rulership : White flowers, Brahmans who maintain and worship the sacred fire daily, those who know the sacred hymns and sacrificial rules, grammarians, miners, barbers, Brahmans, potters, priests and astrologers.
Moon in Krittika : The person has a great appetite, is drawn to improper sexual relations, is very energetic and will be famous.

Attributes : This is the birth star of Chandra. Many constellations gather at the tail end of Krithika group. It extends from Mesa 26'40". The residuary 10'00" degree fall in Vrishabha. Lord (Adhipati) is Mangal and Shukra. Agni is the great purifier, the great consumer of and the giver of light, heat and brightness. Agni causes the fire of life and the drive. It is also the spark of life. Without fire creation would not exist. Agni is at the base of creation and of the continuation of existence. It consumes everything. The fire of digestion in the human system and the external fire for cooking are only different manifestations of the same principle which is Agni. Agni is the symbol of brightness and brilliance, all weapons with fire-power. And other things of the same category come within the range of Krittika group. The fire is considered as purifier; for it burns away all that is wicked, dark and dull, also all that is low and sinful and inauspicious in the world. The dross thus blazed away, only effulgence and light remain. Fire gives the earth its activity and dynamismand revives it after the spells of cold that periodically inflict comatose condition of the earth.
It is easy enough to deduce from fire the causal effect of the Krittika group. Mangal is the lord of that part of Krittika which is in Mesha Rashi and Mangal is like a mass of lightning in shining splendour. So, the Krittika in Mesa is devastatingly brilliant, the effulgence being closely associated with also an incendiary character. The Krittika of Vrishabha Rashi is brilliant but unlike the Krittika of Mesha, not incendiary. The lord of Vrishabha Rashi is brilliant but unlike the Krittika of Mesha, not incendiary. The Lord of Vrishabha Rashi is Shukra and Shukra stands for worship of beauty and for poetry and imagination. He is radiantly white like snow, the Kunda flower and the Utpal. He is also the encyclopaedic expounder of all branches of learning. It follows that the Krittika of Vrishabha is brilliant but the brilliance does not burn, it is soft and sweet, and benign.The Krittika of Mesha Rashi is doubtless brilliant, it has plenty of heat which burns. The Krittika of Vrishabha has on the contrary a softened radiance, a wave of brightness that does not hurt.

Famous people : Pope John Paul II, Swami Muktananda, Cher, Jim Jones, Janet Jackson.

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