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Physical Properties

Color Light to dark green
Hardness 3.5- 4
Specific Gravity 3.9 - 4.0
Refractive index 1.655-1.909

Overview:  Malachite has received the name from greek "Malache". Malachite is generally found with blue Azurite, and sometimes the two may occur admixed or banded together, forming what is commonly known in the gem and mineral trade as "Azure-malachite". Malachite is very popular among mineral collectors, especially interestingly shaped and banded specimens.

Healing Power:  Malachite is said to aid in the regeneration of body cells, creates calm and peace, and aids one's sleep.

Mystical Power:  A gorgeous stone, Malachite is worn by many to detect impending danger. This beautiful green stone offers bands of varying hues and is believed by many to lend extra energy. It is believed that gazing at Malachite or holding it relaxes the nervous system and calms stormy emotions. Malachite is said to bring harmony into one's life. It is also believed that malachite gives knowledge and patience. Malachite is used as a children's talisman to ward off danger and illness. It is attached to infant's cradles.

Legend:  Mining Malachite began as early as 4000 BC by ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used malachite for jewelry and ground it to use as eye shadow. It is used in amulets to protect against the evil eye. In the Middle Ages it was used to protect children from witches and other dangers.

Occurence:  Zaire, Namibia, Russia, Australia, England and in the U.S.A. its found in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Care:  Malachite is very soft, so be mindful of scratching. Avoid chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners.

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