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Mangala bhukti

  • if Mangala is in his exaltation, 

  • in his own Rashi,

  •  in a Kendra, or Trikona, 

  • or, if Mangala is associated with Lagna's Lord.

Effects, like 

  • well-being and enjoyments in the family by the beneficence of the king, 

  • increase in property, 

  • recovery of a lost kingdom etc., 

  • birth of a son, 

  • satisfaction, 

  • acquisition of cattle, conveyances and agricultural lands, 

  • happiness from wife etc., 

will be derived in the Antara Dasha of Mangala in the Dasha of Budha, 

  • if Mangala be associated with, 

  • or receives a Drishti from malefics in Randhr, or in Vyaya.

  • Physical distress, 

  • mental agony, 

  • obstacles in industrial ventures, 

  • loss of wealth, 

  • gout, 

  • distress from wounds and danger from weapons and fever etc. 

will be the results, 

  • if Mangala receives a Drishti from benefics in a Kendra, Trikona, 

  • or in the 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

There will be

  •  gain of wealth, 

  • physical felicity, 

  • birth of a son, 

  • good reputation, 

  • affectionate relations etc. with kinsmen etc., 

  • If Mangala be associated with malefics in the 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha,

 there will be 

  • distress, 

  • danger from kinsmen, 

  • wrath of the king and fire, 

  • antagonism with the son, 

Timing of Events

  • loss of position 

at the commencement of the Antara Dasha, 

  • enjoyments and gains of wealth

 in the middle portion of the Antara Dasha, 

  • danger from the king and loss of position 

at the end of the Antara Dasha.

  • if Mangala is Dhana's, or Yuvati's Lord.

There will be 

  • fear of premature death, 

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