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Mangala bhukti

  • if Mangala is in Labha, Putra, or Dharma, 

  • or, if Mangala is in a Kendra, 

  • if Mangala receives a Drishti from benefics, 

  • or, if Mangala is in his exaltation, 

  • or in his own Rashi.

Effects, like 

  • the recovery of a lost kingdom and recovery of lost wealth, 

  • property at home and increase in agricultural production, 

  • gain of wealth, 

  • blessings by the household deity (Ishta Deva), 

  • happiness from children, 

  • enjoyment of good food etc.,

will be derived in the Antara Dasha of Mangala in the Dasha of Rahu, 

  • if Mangala is in a Kendra, 

  • in the 5th, 9th, 3rd, or in the 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

There will be 

  • acquisition of red-coloured garments, 

  • journeys, 

  • audience with the king, 

  • well-being of children and employer, 

  • attainment of the position of a Commander of the Army, 

  • enthusiasm 

  • and gain of wealth through kinsmen, 

  • if Mangala is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha, 

  • receiving a Drishti from malefics.

  • Distress to wife, children and co-borns, 

  • loss of position, 

  • antagonistic relations with children, wife and other close relations, 

  • danger from thieves, 

  • wounds and pain in the body etc. 

will result, 

  • if Mangala is Dhana's, or Yuvati's Lord. 

There will be 

  • lethargy 

  • and danger of death,

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