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Characteristics,Importance,Significance,interpretation, Effects of Moon Dasha,Chandra Dasha in Astrology

Chandra bhukti

  • if Chandra is in her exaltation, or in her own Rasi, 

  • or is associated with the Lord of Dharma, benefics, or with Karma's Lord, 

  • or, if Chandra is in a Kendr, Trikon, or Labha.

Effects, like 

  • gain of wealth, 

  • conveyances, clothes by the beneficence of the king, 

  • happiness in the family,

  •  great opulence and glory, 

  • devotion to deities and Brahmins, 

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Chandra in the Dasha of Sukra, 

In the above circumstances there will also be 

  • association with musicians and men of learning 

  • and receiving of decorations, 

  • gain of cows, buffaloes and other cattle, 

  • abnormal profits in business, 

  • dining with brothers etc.

  • if Chandra is in her debilitation Rasi, 

  • is combust, 

  • or is in Ari, Randhr, or Vyaya, 

  • or, if Chandra is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

Loss of wealth,


physical distress, 

agony, wrath of the king,

 journeys to foreign lands, or pilgrimage, 

distress to wife and children 

and separation from kinsmen 

will be the results, 

  • if Chandra is in a Kendr, or Trikon, 

  • or in the 3rd, or 11th from the Lord of the Dasha. 

There will be 

  • sovereignty over a province, or village by the beneficence of the king, 

  • clothes etc., 

  • construction of a reservoir, 

  • increase in wealth etc., 

Timing of Events

There will be 
  • physical fitness at the commencement of the Antar Dasha 
  • and physical distress in its last portion.

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