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Number Nine - 9


Mangal Grah    Mangal Yantra                 Coral

These are the people who are born on the dates 09/18/27 of any month. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is Planet Mars which is also known as Mangal Grah in Hindi or in Hindu Mythology. This is the number within itself. If you add any number to the number nine, it will remain the same nine will not lose its identity. For example, 9+1=10=1, 9+2=11=2, in same way if you multiply or add 9 + 9=18=1+8=9, or 9 V 9= 81 = 8 +1=9, it ends up with the same number when you make it in a single digit. Thus the number nine is ruled by planet Mars or according to Hindu Mythology Mangal Grah. Its one of the most mischievous grah or planet of this universe. Thus Mars is known as the Commander in Chief of the Gods Army. The Deity of Mars Planet is Lord Hanuman on the right hand side you see the picture Lord Hanuman. On the left hand side you see the Grah Mangal below that you see the Yantra of Grah Mangal.

Nature:The nature of these people is very peculiar, they do not easily adjust with anyone on this earth. In most of the cases they are homely by nature. They are very particular about cleanliness. They try to keep themselves very hygienic & have choices regarding their taste in all manners. In many cases it is also been noticed that these people or the number nine people are always attached with their mother, they have great respect for their mother & they involve her presence in their personal life. These people are not good in taking decisions on their own they always depend on someone to guide them. It has been noticed that these people fall in love affairs in their early age and in many cases they end up with happy married life if the star positions are in good situation. The planetary positions are unmatched than this affairs creates a great problem for nine number people. It has been discovered that nine number people have great numbers of problems in their personal life for e.g. late career, late marriage, love affair problems, getting addicted, mental and physical problems, child birth problems, financial problems, disturbance in personal life, married life and family life. They are very sensitive by nature. Their materialistic needs is always fulfilled by their fortune due to which they do not bow down soon in front of anyone. They are very stubborn by nature. They feel that they are the most luckiest people on these earth. The fact is that they are but up to some extend not 100%. They are very keen of maintaining their surrounding very proper & clean, along with systemic arrangements. Their nature is always silent and cool and they never like to get indulge in anyone's problems. They live for themselves. These people are also among practical people of these earth. They speak very less and limited. They have very limited friends. They have a very sharp and crooked brain. These people are gifted with everything what they desire but they need to have patience in their life. Fortune has kept everything in their life. These people have definite luck in their life, like no other number has this gift of God. These people are the most intelligent on these earth but they actually fail to make proper use of it. They have very lazy attitude. They need to take care in life at the later stages for these people have to face definite mental problem, these problems arises mainly with ladies. These people need to mix with people and try to avoid loneliness. Avoid to take unnecessary tensions. If they take a proper guidance and if they understands remedies of being successful these people can use their tremendous brain for the betterment of mankind. The matter of fact is that these people get everything what they desire in life but slowly and gradually but 100% confirm.

Favorable Colors:All shades of red & pink are suitable for 9s people. Handkerchief of any shades of red refreshes them if they feel a lack of energy.

Precious Stone:Coral is the most favorable stone for number 9 people.

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