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Rahu bhukti

  •   if Rahu is in his exaltation, his own, in a friends Rashi, 

  • or in a Kendra, or Trikona, or in Labha, 

  • or Sahaja, or Dhana. 

Effects, like

  •  increase of wealth and gain of wealth, grains, cattle, lands, village from a Yavana king, 

will be derived in the Antara Dasha of Rahu in the Dasha of Ketu,

Timing of Events

There will be 

  • some trouble at the commencement of the Dasha, 

but all will be well later.

  • if Rahu is associated with a malefic in Randhra, or in Vyaya. 

  • Frequent urination, 

  • weakness in the body, 

  • cold fever, 

  • danger from thieves,

  •  intermittent fever, 

  • opprobrium, 

  • quarrels, 

  • diabetes, 

  • pain in stomach 

will be the results, 

  • if Rahu is in Dhana, or in Yuvati

There will be

  • distress and danger

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