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Number One - 1


Surya Garh          Surya Yantra               Ruby                              Red Sapphire

People who are born on the dates 01/10/19/28 of any month are known as one number people. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this people is the star well known as The Sun. Being the star by nature but having great importance on the earth The Sun is honored as the planet which is known as Graha in Hindu mythology. On the left you will see the picture of the Graha The Sun with seven horses & his chariot. On the right hand you will see the yantra,which is used to energize with positive vibrations. These yantra mainly should be on the Bhojpatra.

Nature: These people are very helpful by nature. They go up to any extend to help someone without expecting any returns. These people are pure by heart & do not share anyones secret so easily and that is the reason they get a great respect in their workplace and in friends. They are mainly center of attraction. They never like to move around from places to places. In most of the cases they are spendthrift & have great dressing sense. They are very career oriented people & entire life depends upon their professional. In many cases these people are not good for business. They are very soft spoken but cant actually control their anger. For them their father is always an ideal of life. They are workolic by nature & they spend most of their time in their workplace due to which they pay less attention in their family matters. In many cases number one people are always away from their best friends or visa versa. Having stubborn nature & confusing ethics people try to be away from them. They do not easily expect changes in their life. In their first half of life they are always low in confidence & mainly in the second half they are boosted with confidence. In many cases they are found not in good vibrations with opposite sex. They have specific choice regarding life partners or girl friends due to which these people end up with late marriage. They rarely have enemies in life, who ever trys to actually disturb their career or life it has been seen in many case studies that the enemies actually fall prey to losses. These people are mainly found in debts. They have a high level of maturity.

Favorable Colors: Orange, Yellow, golden are best suited for them. They should keep these colors around their living spaces & places of work, in the form of curtains, pillow, sheets, tablecloths & covers. A handkerchief in any of these colors is very helpful during hours of stress & weak periods. Just looking at these colors will bring them good energy.

Precious Stone: A ruby of five rattikas ( 3 Carrots ) worn as a ring, with an open back setting on the ring finger of the left hand, is lucky for men only. Women who are one number, are not advised to wear rubies. They can wear red spinel, garnet & the substitutes such as red sapphire.

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