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Shani Mahadasha

  • If Shani is in his exaltation, 

  • in his own Rashi, 

  • or in MulaTrikona, 

  • or friendly Rashi, 

  • in his own, or exalted Navamsha 

  • & in Sahaja, or Labha, 

there will be during his Dasha 

  • recognition by Government, 

  • opulence and glory, 

  • name and fame, 

  • success in the educational sphere, 

  • acquisition of conveyances & ornaments etc., 

  • gain of wealth, 

  • favours from Government, 

  • attainment of a high position, 

  • like Commander of an Army, 

  • acquisition of a kingdom, 

  • benevolence of goddess Lakshmi, 

  • gain of property 

  • and birth of children.

  • If Shani is in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya, 

  • in his debilitation Rashi, 

  • or combust, 

  there will be during his Dasha 

  • ill effects from poison, 

  • injury from weapons, 

  • separation from father, 

  • distress to wife & children, 

  • disaster, 

  • as a result of displeasure of Government, imprisonment etc. 

If Shani receives a Drishti from, or is associated with a benefic, 

is placed in a Kendra, or in a Trikona,

 in Dhanau, or in Meena,

 there will be 

  • acquisition of a kingdom, conveyances and clothes.

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