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Number Seven - 7


Ketu Grah          Ketu Yantra          Cat's Eye(Lasnya)

These are the people who are born under the dates 07/16/25. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is the Grah Ketu. Ketu Grah is well known as Dragons Tail. Rahu & Ketu are two half planets placed 180 degrees apart exactly opposite from each other. They are the two nodes of Moon. Also known as the Dragons Head which is Grah Rahu & Dragons Tail which is Grah Ketu. On the left hand side of your screen you will see the picture of Ketu Grah or also known as Dragons Tail. These both Dragons Tail & Head or Rahu & Ketu are all imaginary planets which carries important in understanding planetary positions. Ketu is also among the malefic planet but less than Rahu. This is mainly due to Ketu is considered as Moksha Karak (cause of liberation). Deity of these number or Ketu is Lord Narasimha, these Lord is among the aavatar of Lord Vishnu according to the Hindu Mythology. You can see the picture of Lord Narasimha on the right side of your screen. Hence the Yantra of Ketu is also been shown on the left hand side of your screen.

Nature:They are the most luckiest people on these earth. They are very mysterious creatures of these planet. Its very difficult to understand these kind of people who have the number seven as their Psychic number. These people are very practical in life & they use tremendous brain to make things happen in their life. These people are great in manipulating things as they wish. They believe in living for themselves. They have a tremendous knowledge & they are the only people on this earth who make a proper use of their knowledge to mold their career or life. These people are very nature oriented people & they believe more in other living being than human beings. They have a habit of extracting knowledge from books due to which these people have a good command over languages .It has been noticed that they give less preferences to sports activities. They like to watch & gather information regarding various games & sports but they will never indulge in any activities regarding games or sports. These people are nature lovers. They are very good at sharing secrets. It has been noticed that in many cases they fall pray to heart breaks in love affairs or also in marriage life. It has been also been noticed that this number is divorce prone number or in many a cases it has been seen that they are not properly satisfied with their life partners. These people are also very stingy regarding making friendship. They have a demarcation regarding making friends & spending time with them. But for every stunt in their life they have some motive behind it, they will never like to spend time without any reason. In spite of these they have a great helping nature. Number seven is the only successful number which is suitable to stay on these earth or to be more precise the number which is satisfied within itself. The biggest problem of their life is the start of their career, they are motiveless or aimless regarding choosing career. Of course in many cases it has been noticed that they have a very late start regarding career. They have a very strong fortune, these people are fascinated with the up coming technologies. In many cases it has been observed that they like to spend most of the time alone and aloof. They will never reveal the secret of their life to anyone on these earth. They hate to seek help from people or they never like themselves in a pity position. These people are good to be in politics. These people like to settle on foreign land. If taken a proper guidance in life these people would be the most successful and power people of these earth.

Favorable Colors:Light Green , light Blue & white are the three most favorable colors for number 7 natives. They should avoid black & use it as little as possible.

Precious Stone:Cats eye with a chatoyant glowing from inside, like a cats eye with white fibers. The brighter the fiber, the higher the quality & influence of the gem.

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