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24. Shatabisha (The Divine Healer)

Nakshatra Lord : Rahu
Symbol : an empty circle
Deity : Varuna (the deity for cosmic and terrestrial waters)
Nature : Good intelligence and creative nature, hard working, humanitarian nature, needs external encouragement, and sickly.
Rulership : snarers, anglers, aquatic products, dealers in fish etc., boar hunters, washer men, distillers and fowlers.
Moon in Shatabisha : one is truthful and speaks frankly, can be vicious, crushes his enemies, is daring and does not like to be a subordinate.

Attributes : Spread from 6'40" up to 20'00" in Kumbha. Lord is Shani. The Ocean, rivers, lakes etc. are derived from this star and it signifies aquatic marine life. It concerns boats, concealment, the veil, and to hide beneath the veil, covering, armour, places to hide things, failures, no-easy success, sorrow, death, restraint, idleness, peevishness, cynicism and a mania for excessive cleanliness. Diseases indicated by this star are dropsy, rheumatism and heart disease.

Famous people : Rudolph Steiner, Sidney Poitier, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Kennedy, George Harrison.

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