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Shukra bhukti

  • if Shukra is in a Kendra, Trikona, or in Labha,

  • associated with, or receiving a Drishti from benefics. 

Effects, like 

  • marriage, 

  • birth of a son, 

  • gain of wealth, 

  • sound health, 

  • well-being in the family, 

  • acquisition of a kingdom, 

  • enjoyments by the beneficence of the king,

  •  honors, 

  • gain of clothes, 

  • ornaments, 

  • conveyance and other desired objects, 

will be derived in the Antara Dasha of Shukra in the Dasha of Shani, 

Transits of Guru

Transits of Shani

If during the period of Antara Dasha of Shukra, Guru is favorable in transit, there will be 

  • dawn of fortune 

  • and growth of property. 

If Shani is favourable in transit, there will be 

  • Raja Yoga effects, 

  • or the accomplishment of Yoga rites (Yoga Triya Siddhi).

  • if Shukra is in his debilitation Rashi,

  •  if Shukra is combust, 

  • or, if Shukra is in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya.

  • Distress to wife,

  • loss of position, 

  • mental agony, 

  • quarrels with close relations etc. 

will be the results, 

  • if Shukra is in Dharma, Labha, or Kendra from the Lord of the Dasha

  • Fulfillment of ambitions by the beneficence of the king, 

  • charities, 

  • performance of religious rites, 

  • creation of interest in the study of Shastras,

  •  composition of poems,

  •  interest in Vedanta etc.,

  •  listening to Puranas, 

  • happiness from wife & children 

will be experienced, 

  • if Shukra is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

There will be 

  • eye trouble, 

  • fevers, 

  • loss of good conduct, 

  • dental problems, 

  • heart disease,

  •  pain in arms, 

  • danger from drowning, 

  • or falling from a tree, 

  • antagonism towards relations with the officials of government & brothers, 

  •  if Shukra is Dhana's, or Yuvati's Lord. 

There will be 

  • physical distress,

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