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Number Six - 6


Shukra Garh          Shukra Yantra       Diamond(Hira)

These are the people who are born under the dates 6/15/24 of any month. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is the Planet Venus, which is known as Shukra Grah in Hindi. Which is little bit away from the Sun so it comes under the planets, which are from the darker side. Shukra means the Shukracharya, which is well known as the Teacher of the Deitayas or Demons. The Deity of the Grah Shukra is the Lord Kartike, the elder son of the Lord Shiva. Which is seen in your screen on the right side. Grah Shukra is seen on your left side of the screen & below the yantra of Shukra, which should be removed on the Bhojpatra. Thus Grah Venus is the good & close friend of Grah Shani. Hence Shani Grah borrows the color of Venus Grah, which is blue. This planet is a malefic planet, means against the human nature.

Nature:These people are the most intellectual human being on this earth. But in many cases it has been noticed that they are shy & they rarely try to mix with people or in the society. But they are very good in making friends, they have n numbers of friends in their life which really becomes useful & helpful in the coming future. These people are very imaginative by nature & they have no boundaries regarding their imaginations. They like to excel their imaginations mainly on their walls of the house or on the art paper.
They are average students in their academic career & they are mainly from commerce side or arts. Their interesting areas of excelling their career is fashion designing, interior designing or mainly they become a very good artist if they really are on the actual path of their life regarding career. These people are those people who learn through their experiences of life. In the first half of their life these people face lots of obstacle regarding career & settling life as professions. They start their career very late merely about at the age of 28 plus due to which they face problem of late marriage & kids. They are also soft hearten people but after a due course of time experiencing the fact of life they turn practical in life. These people get easily attracted towards opposite sex and visa versa. Sometimes they are also found lazy by nature, due to which at early stages of their career or life they are poor regarding finance. These people are always mistaken by other people. These people have a very beautiful handwriting. They mainly chose career as like lawyer, sales, public relations, artist or sometimes any civil jobs, but actually the matter of fact is that they are good for business rather than working under someone. They like to excel their life and they live the life till extend. They are also egoistic by nature. Anger always stays on their nose at their early ages, but when they grow up they are opposite what they were in their childhood. Maturity comes late in their life. These people can be said among satisfied human being of these Earth for their expectation regarding career and life is very limited, when luck follows with them these are the people who actually understands how to make use of that luck till its extend. For them money does not have value they are the most spendthrift human being of these Earth. By God grace these people never fall short to money, whenever there seems to be requirement of money their luck or fortune helps them to fulfill their requirement. These people live for the present, they hardly like to think and plan for tomorrow. In many cases they believe in themselves. It has also been noticed that they have a very good intuition power.

Favorable Colors: White is the best color for number 6s, because it is the color of their ruling planet, Venus. Light Blue, pink, & chrome yellow are also good for them.

Precious Stone:Diamond are the favored stone for number 6 native, because it is associated with Venus. In case they cannot afford a diamond, they can use white sapphire, white zircon, or white tourmaline.

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