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Surya Mahadasha

  • If  if at the time of birth Surya 

  • is in his own Rashi, 

  • in his exaltation Rashi, 

  • in a Kendra, 

  • in Labha, 

  • be associated with the Lord of Dharma, 

  • or the Lord of Karma 

  • and strong in his Varga.

 During the Dasha of Surya there is 

  • acquisition of wealth, 

  • great felicity and honors from the Government,


  • if Surya is with the Lord of Putra. 

The native will be 

  • blessed with a son (children),  

  • if Surya is associated with the Lord of Dhana. 

The native will 

  • acquire elephants

  • and other kinds of wealth, 

  • if Surya is associated with the Lord of Bandhu. 

The native will enjoy 

  • comforts of conveyances, 


He attains a high position, like that of Army Chief, by the beneficence of the king and enjoys all kinds of happiness. 

Thus during the Dasha of a strong (and favourable) Surya there are 

  • acquisitions of clothes, 

  • agricultural products, 

  • wealth, honors, 

  • conveyances etc.

  • should Surya be in his Rashi of debilitation, 

  • be weak in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya, 

  • or be associated with malefic Grahas, 

  • or with the Lord of Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya.

During the Dasha of Surya there will be 

  • anxieties, 

  • loss of wealth, 

  • punishment from Government, 

  • defamation, 

  • opposition by kinsmen, 

  • distress to father, 

  • (in)auspicious happenings at home, 

  • distress to paternal and maternal uncles etc.,

  •  anxiety and inimical relations with other people for no reason whatsoever, 

Effect of benefic or malefic Drishti upon Surya

There will be some favourable effects at times, if in the above situations 

  • Surya receives a Drishti from benefic Grahas. 

The effects will always be unfavourable, when 

  • malefic Grahas give a Drishti to Surya.

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