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Number Three - 3


Guru Grah          Guru Yantra           Yellow Sapphire(Pushkaraj)

These are the people who are born on the dates 03/12/21/30 of any month. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is the Planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and by far the largest within our solar system. This planet is from the brighter side. According to the Hindu Mythology it is well known by the name The Guru Graha. On the left hand side you see the image of the planet Jupiter or known as Guru. Thus the meaning of Guru is Teacher or who shows you the path. The Deity of the planet Guru is the Lord Vishnu. The image of the Lord Vishnu is shown on the right hand side of the screen. Hence Lord Vishnu is known as the biggest Guru of all times. The yantra of the Planet Jupiter is shown on the left hand side.

Nature:These people are very soft hearten people but have a very brilliant brain. They actually think from their brain & whatever they do they think very minutely before implementing the act. If they concentrate on their aims these people are the most successful people on this earth. You can consider them as among the luckiest people on this earth. They are very soft spoken & have a very command over various languages. These people are very materialist by nature. These people cannot stay without money in their life. In most of the cases it has been noticed that they always flourish in their career when they are away from their homeland or motherland. In many cases these people stay away from their family.
They are very good in public relations. Due to soft speaking these people never fail in implementing their projects or aims, these can be clearer by stating that they can remove any kind of obstacles with their soft-spoken tongue. These people get attracted very soon to the fascinating world where there is glamour & status. They are always very particular about their dressing sense & eating habits. They believe in dominating the world. Their right place of career is Politics but in various cases it has been noticed that they hate to be politicians, but they like to be the kingmaker. Their main aim of their life is to maintain a great status in life. They love their family very much but it has been noticed that they mainly compete within the family members first & than with the out side people. They always like to be in the winning positions. They like to be a great business personnel but fate does not allow them to be. They love in creating a brand in the market & to be among the famous business personnel in the whole world. They have lots of friends but no one trys to be close to this people or nature does not allow them to be close. In most of the times these people are in found in love affairs in their early age & their marriages are successful love marriage. Maximum times these people are seen mainly with their opposite sex. They are very career oriented people. If they work more on theyre in built quality like public relations, command over languages etc these people can become the most successful people on this earth. But sometimes these people lose due to over confidence & on over trusting people. With a proper guidance they can really win the whole world.

Favorable Colors:Yellow is the most favorable color for the three number people, for its ruled by the planet Jupiter or which also known in Hindi as The Guru & the color of guru is The Yellow. In their environment, work & relaxation, they should use yellow curtains, pillow covers & bed sheets. A yellow handkerchief is also very helpful for removing stress. They can use pink, blue, or light purple.

Precious Stone:Yellow sapphire & yellow topaz is their stone. These gems should be bought & given to the jeweler on a Thursday; the jeweler should also make a ring or pendant with an open back on a Thursday. The ring or pendant should be picked up from the jeweler on a Thursday, & worn after the proper rituals have been performed. The forefinger of the right hand, the Jupiter finger, is best suited for the ring; the pendant could be worn around the neck with a chain or yellow string. The setting for the ring or the pendant & its chain should be made of Gold.

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