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Physical Properties

Color Light to deep green
Hardness 7 to 7.5
Specific Gravity 3.60-3.68
Refractive index 1.740

Overview:  Tsavorite is the name given to the rich green variety of grossular garnet.TsaVorite is probably the King of Green Gemstones.The gem was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967 by Campbell Bridges. Tsavorite is among the most expensive of all garnets, with prices similar to those fetched by fine Demantoid. The attractive green color of Tsavorite is caused by the presence of chromium and vanadium. It is very rare to find Tsavorite in sizes larger than five carats, and most faceted stones are below two carats. Tsavorite has also begun to appear in magnificent invisibly-set jewelry, where its durability and clarity are a distinct advantage.

Healing Power:  It strengthens psychic communication with the higher planes, and enhances channeling and visions.Tsavorite is said to facilitate meditation, and to enhance spiritual awareness and telepathic abilities.

Legend:  In 1970, Bridges discovered gem Tsavorite in Kenya's Taita/Taveta district.The name "tsavorite" was coined in 1974 by Campbell Bridges and Tiffany's Henry Platt and is derived from Kenya's Tsavo National Park

Occurence:  Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

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