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Number Two - 2


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People who are born on the dates 02/11/20/29 of any month are known as number two people. This number is known as Psychic Number. The ruling planet of this number is the The Moon. Being a sub- planet by nature Moon carries great importance on the living being of the Earth Planet so its an important planet, which carries a great place in the Hindu Mythology also. According to Hindu Mythology Moon is placed on the head of Lord Shiva, on the left side you will see the picture of the Lord Shiva with the Moon on his head. Being the closet planet towards the Earth the Moon has a great effect on human being life & nature. For e.g. the moon creates the high tide & low tide in the sea, being so far from the earth still it has a great magnetic effect on the earth than any other planet in these hemisphere. On the left hand side the 2nd image is of the Chandra Graha. The yantra for Chandra Graha is the 3rd image. This image should be made on Bhojpatra for positive effect.

Nature:People who have chandra graha as their ruling planet are of very pure heart. These are the people who will go out of the way to help people. These are the people who thinks more by heart than by mind or brain. But if they start thinking by brain then no one on this earth can really compete them. They are crowd puller people & have great personality. In many cases these people are found in love affairs at a very early age or many a times these people get married at a very early age also. They are an average student in their school times. Their dreams are at a very high level. They are very good in numbers. In many cases these people are of economic related professions. They believe more in business than working under someone. They have great projects in their mind but they fail to actually implement it in a better manner. They always seek help for someone to complete their projects. It has been found in many cases regarding the number two people that if the 1st half of their life is really great & fascinating, the nature than actually disturbs the second half in which struggle & unsuccessful is a part of life. In such cases number 2 people fall prey to late marriage & late career. Being mentioned regarding good in numbers these people actually balances their finances in very great manner. These people are also very secretive by nature & they will never disclose very easily whats going with them unless & until they make it successful. They are very good in maintaining friendships & try to leave a very practical life. They believe in living life up to its extend. In many cases it has been seen that they quit un necessary things when they are very happy or when they achieve something in their life. They try to be very clean regarding character wise but most of the time they fall in gossips. Opposite sex is always attracted towards them, due to which they are mainly found in extra marital affairs. These people are the most successful people on this earth; just they need to be little bit serious in their life to be a successful personality. Hence with the proper guidance they can easily achieve their aims.

Favorable Colors:White is the best color for number 2 people, because it is the color of the Moon. Number 2 people are advised to keep white handkerchief with them. Whenever they dont feel good or feel lack of energy, they should wipe their hands & face with this white handkerchief to change their mood. White, light Green, Blue, Cream, or the colors of grapes also soothes the nervous system.

Precious Stone:Pearl is the gemstones of the Moon and, because the Moon rules number two people, its their precious stone. They can also use crystal, quartz, moonstone, greenish or white agate. The minimum required for a pearl if 4 rattikas.

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