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Physical Properties

Color Green
Hardness 6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity 3.8
Refractive index 1.86

Overview:  Uvarovite is named after the Russian mineralogist Count Sergei Simonovitch Uvarov. Uvarovite develops in a metamorphic environment in serpentines with chromite and in metamorphosed limestones.Uvarovite is the only consistently green garnet and has a beautiful emerald-green color. Uvarovite's gemstone characteristics are outstanding, but its rarity and the very small size of its crystals make it practically unknown as a faceted gem.

Healing Power:  It bestows peace, quite, and solitude - without loneliness. Stimulates imagination and verbal skills. Stimulates the heart chakra, and provides for enhancement of relationships via the fusion of the souls. Used to give greater precision and understanding to the intellect

Legend:  It was named to honor the Russian Count S. S. Uvarov, once a President of the St. Petersburg Academy.

Occurence:  Outokumpu, Finland, Quebec, Canada, Texas mine in Pennsylvania, northern California, Oregon, Spain, Italy, Polish Silesia near Jordanow, Makri in Turkey, and India.

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