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Eleven Faced GOD INDRA It protects one from bad luck and ensures long life. Also helps issueless women to have children. Enhances the wealth and prosperity. Grants long life to the husband's wearer. Also helps in getting love and affection of desired person.
Twelve Faced LORD VISHNU It protects from all kids of weapons or any danger from fire or disease or sickness. Person enjoys wealth, property and worldly pleasures. Achieves all goals. One can attain influential and powerful positions.
Thirteen Faced LORD INDRA It protects against sinful deeds, thoughts and bad luck. One enjoys all earthy pleasures and conforts. Helps attain Moksha and has hypnotic influence on others with sound mind and body.
Fourteen Faced SATURN It removes all obstacles in life and protects you from many diseases. It is helpful in opening Third Eye Chakra, which governs clairvoyance, Sharpened skills and heightened state of awareness and can achieve highest position.
Fifteen Faced LORD SHIVA It removes poverty. He gets fulfillment of materialistic desires and enjoys name and fame and success in all work.
Sixteen Faced LORD SHIVA It protects from physical illness due to placement of planets. The wearer becomes fearless & gets victory against the most fearsome of diseases and adverse circumstances .
Seventeen Faced LORD VISHAKARMA It get freedom from diseases, losses, sadness and fears . It gives fulfillment of all desires related to getting a life partner , progeny, good luck and prosperity.
Eighteen Faced EARTH This bead is worn by a lady who is unable to conceive or is prone to abortion Those who deal in real estate and those who wish to prosper from land/properties.
Nineteen Faced LORD VISHNU The wearer gets freedom from dreaded diseases It removes obstacles in job/business/education and removes planetary afflictions.
Twenty Faced LORD BRAHMA It energies the wearer gets power to achieve almost anything he desires. It has energies of the nine planets, Eight Dikpals (Indra, Varun, Yama, Kuber, Agni, Vayu, Niriti and Ishan) and Tridevas (Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesh).
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