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Name : Pot
Type : Air
Sex : Male
Mobility : Fixed
Lord : Saturn

Aquarius is the sign of Saturn, fixed air, the lower legs of the Cosmic Man, the pot or the Water Bearer.Your Moon Sign Aquarius indicates the group and the need to understand what individuality really is. Aquarius individuals are the most self-negative of all types. On a higher level, they have more faith and the capacity to surrender the ego to the Divine. On a lower level, they have more belief in others and tend to denigrate themselves towards the ego demands of others or peer group influences. For this reason, they tend more towards sexual deviations than the other signs.
They are prone to do what they are told not to do and to befriend those they are told to avoid. In this way their energy can be blocked, dissipated, confused or darkened. On a higher level, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of all and may be strongly humanitarian.
On a lower level, they may accept a subservient, servile or even degrading role in life, and not protest against the injustice inflicted upon them. They like to take the side of the oppressed, rejected the outcaste or disapproved elements of society. They often have much guilt and like to blame themselves.
They act selflessly relative to what they repose their faith in. If that is the Divine they may become saintly. If it is some criminal group, they can even become underworld leaders. Aquarians may be eccentric and scattered in what they do, unclear as to who they are. They lack charisma and often fail as political leaders to attract the masses. Yet by their faith and devotion, they are often successful as religious leaders and teachers. The water they bring is that of truth from their intuitive perception.

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