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Numerology is a study of numbers and the positions of planets. Numbers help us to understand one's nature along with his planetary positions. Hence Numerology is a overall study of the human being which  makes us understand the various attitudes and the nature of a particular. According to Numerology there are only nine kind of human beings on this earth. With help of the English Language it makes easy to actually calculate and study the human nature and its future. Knowing and studying the Numbers does not make you a Numerologist for that its very important to know the planetary positions of the hemisphere, the importance of each and every planets, how its beneficial for the human beings, along with the climatic conditions. The study of numbers and the planetary positions along with the importance of planets can be sharpened when you actually concentrate on each and everything of this mother nature. To concentrate on the mother nature you need to meditate and for meditation one should have a idol to guide you properly.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9

Above mentioned numeric links specifies the general attitudes and nature of the human being born on the dates of any month and any year. The numbers above mentioned are Psychic Numbers ( means if you are born on 15th of July than you number is 1+5 = 6, than your physic number is 6, you have to click on number 6 link to know about you in general). Thus the study which I have mentioned in this website is just a overall nature & the attitude of the human being, it does not resembles anyone's fortune. To know accurate fortune one should have the complete date of the birth i.e. ( The day on which you have born, along with the month and the year)

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